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3M 8233 N100 Particulate Respirator (Each)

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NIOSH Items: We only sell brand new respirators, filters, and dust masks from US based manufacturers. Since it can be difficult to determine if a respirator or mask has been used or even just tried on, for the protection of our customers, we do not accept NIOSH returns.

The 3M 8233 N100 Particulate respirator may be referred to as the 3M Lead Mask, the 3M Lead Dust Respirator, or the 3M Lead Dust Mask. The 8233 N100 Particulate Respirator is for those who want NIOSH's highest rated filter efficiency in a maintenance-free mask. The N100 rating indicates that this mask is 99.97% effective against particles .3 microns and larger. Each mask is individually wrapped to prevent contamination. If you are also looking for a reliable filter for protection against toxic dusts, lead, and asbestos, and for mold remediation or cleanup, use the 3m 2097 filters that fit on the 3M 6000, 3M 7500 Series half masks, and the 3M 6000 full-face respirators.

The 3M 8233 N100 is approved for lead abatement, metal fumes produced from welding, certain radioactive particulate material, and non-oil containing mists. Recent recommendations from the CDC include avian flu and swine flu, though N95 masks are also recommended and may be just as good and a whole lot cheaper.

The Cool-Flow exhalation valve helps keep the mask cool and dry. A soft inner face seal conforms to your face, offering a better than average seal for a disposable mask. Not approved for asbestos.

This mask has been a popular choice for protection against avian flu, swine flu, tuberculosis / TB, and SARS. The 3M 8233 Respirator compares to the now discontinued 9970 Respirator. The 9970 mask was rated as a HEPA filtered mask. Since then, NIOSH has changed this designation to either N100 (no oil) or P100 (resists oil). Another cross would be the 3M 8293 Mask, which carries the P100 rating. We don't stock that mask, but it can be ordered by request.

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