Stewart R. Browne Aircraft Grounding Clamp ALS10A

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The ALS10A Aircraft Grounding Clamp from Stewart R. Browne is the most popular product of this type that we sell. Heavy duty aluminum castings are the basis of these grounding pliers. Plated steel jaws are serrated to give excellent grip on unpainted surfaces, including round or irregular shaped objects. But due to their intended use on aircraft, the inside surface of the jaws are designed to grip flat stock without marring. This is quite different from the REB2960 Grounding Clamp with stainless steel points. Please note that even in the 'closed' position, there is approximately .125 inches opening between the jaws. Other design details include a plated steel spring that provides approximately 55 lbs. of closing force. Squeezing this ground clamp to open it will put you in mind of a Joe Weider exercise device. The grounding wire or cable may be attached to either leg of the pliers. 2 allen set-screws secure the conductor in place. The opening is .110 inches in diameter, and accommodates up to 10-AWG wire. The ALS10A ground clamp is commonly used when fueling an aircraft or other maintenance operations where static generated sparks could cause a problem. Complies with mil spec M83413/7-1, with the mil spec number cast onto one handle. Made in U.S.A.

Weight 5 ounces

Length 4.15 inches

Width 3 inches

Thickness ‰1 inch (including rivet pivot)

Max Jaw Opening - 1 inch

Product Number: ALS10A

Additional Details:

0.45 LBS
6.00 (in)
1.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
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Country of Origin:
United States

4 Reviews

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    Grounding Clam

    Posted by Dave on Feb 17th 2015

    Very good construction. Maybe a little less clamping force. The previous concerns regarding the clamp not closing far enough is easily fixable. Mine would not bite the exhaust pipe until I filed just a little bit off the stops. I think it is designed this way intentionally. Now the grip is fine and clips well to exhaust or tie down ring.

    Pros: High Quality
    Cons: A little too much spring force.

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    Stewart R. Browne ALS10A Aircraft Grounding Clamp

    Posted by Tom on Aug 16th 2013

    We've been using this down at the self-serv pump for a week or two now which normally gets some abuse and it seems to be holding up pretty well. We normally use an alligator clip but they don't seem to last very long. Maybe you should consider having the clamp close all the way. I also like the way the cable attaches simple and neat.

    Appears to be a good, quality heavy duty clamp

    No dislikes

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    Modifications in design.

    Posted by Bob Komjathy on Aug 16th 2013

    Well made product for the money. However I would make a couple of changes in the design:
    1. I would make two separate diameter holes in the handles to accommodate a larger diameter wire without the need to drill out the existing hole.
    2. I would either make the replaceable jaws deeper OR allow the clamp to expand another 3/16ths of an inch so that the two jaws actually meet with some pressure. Grounding clamp needs to be placed on a tiedown loop or equivalent thickness to have decent metal to metal contact. If the jaws met each other better, it could be used to clamp to the exhaust pipe or equally thin metal surface.

    Well constructed

    As mentioned above in the review.

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    ALS10A Ground Clamp

    Posted by Justin on Aug 16th 2013

    I have been using these clamps for the better part of 5-8 yrs and they are performing well!! The user sections still manage to break the odd one but for the most part they are surviving most abuse and saving the company valuable operating dollars. At the end of the day everything adds up and we want to make sure were spending where we should be.

    Tough stands up to abuse.
    Reliable - jaws are hardened.
    Strong grip force.