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RKI Instruments GX-2012 5-Gas Detector

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$1,040.25 - $2,154.96
RKI Instruments
RKI Instruments GX-2012 5-Gas Detector
$1,040.25 - $2,154.96


Lightweight, intrinsically safe, and able to sample air from over 50 ft. away thanks to its built-in sample draw pump, the GX-2012 is a great choice for dependable 5-gas monitoring. It's built to measure the gases OSHA requires for confined space entry: methane (CH4), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and the Lower Explosive Levels of a range of combustibles (LELs). The GX-2012 features micro-sensor technology that adds to the lightweight design. The ability to use it for gas line purge testing with the “T” Fitting Adapter makes it more functional than many other gas monitors on the market. 

With the GX-2012, you have multiple tools in one instrument. Having 3 operating modes, the GX-2012 can be used for confined space, safety monitoring in it’s Normal Operating mode; for leak investigation in Leak Check mode; and for underground leak checking in Bar Hole mode. When equipped with a TC sensor (% volume CH4), the GX-2012 can measure 100% volume methane and dynamically auto range from % LEL to % volume.

The powerful internal sample pump is capable of drawing samples from a distance of up to fifty feet, making it great for sewer entry and other distance confined space sampling work. Intrinsically safe and built with petrochemical (oil rig/refinery) and waste water treatment facility workers in mind, the GX-2012 is ideal for tank cleaners and technical rescue workers too. This GX-2012 can be configured to measure percentage of volume of methane (CH4). For confined space 4-gas testing we also offer the reliable sensor technology and dependable RKI GX-2012 4-Gas version.

Properly deployed, the GX-2012 meets OSHA standards for confined space gas monitoring. It is also CSA classified as intrinsically safe and meets Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D: TIIS, IECEx, ATEX, CE. 

Applications: Personal monitoring, Confined space entry, Refineries / petrochemical, Chemical plants, Hazardous material, Water / wastewater treatment, Fire services, Mining

Key Features:

  • LEL, % volume CH4, O2, H2S and CO gas sensors
  • Percentage by volume methane detection can be added
  • 50 ft. range for internal active sampling pump
  • Three standard alarms include vibration, visual, and audible alarm modes
  • TWA and STEL exposure alarms along with lunch-break mode
  • Lightweight at only 12.3 ounces
  • Auto-calibration
  • Circuit checking and calibration reminder complete with lockout option
  • Rapid charging to full in under 90 minutes
  • Large, glove friendly buttons
  • Protective rubber housing and IP-67 water and dust protection
  • Up to 600 hours of data logging with alarm trends
  • Intrinsically safe

Included with Monitor:

  • 10 ft. sample hose
  • Probe
  • Chosen battery option

Remember to calibrate every three months and regularly perform bump tests.



Specification Sheet:

 Specification Sheet

Quick Reference Guide:

 Quick Reference Guide



Spare Parts:

 Spare Parts

Part Numbers:
72-0290-27-A - 5-Gas Monitor, alkaline battery pack only
72-0290-27-B - 5-Gas Monitor, alkaline & Li-ion battery packs, Charger Kit
72-0290-27-C - 5-Gas Monitor, Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack only w/ charger (no alkaline battery)
72-0290-27-C-51 -  5-Gas Monitor, Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack w/ charger, 34AL cyl H2S/CO/O2/CH4, 58L cyl 100% vol CH4, demand flow regulator, tubing & padded case
81-GX03VHSCO-DLV - Calibration Kit (optional) Hard carrying case, 34AL cyl H2S/CO/CH4/O2, demand flow regulator, tubing
4-Gas Mix 34 Liter Calibration Gas (optional)
Downloading cable, USB / IrDA adapter (optional)

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Additional Information

Gas Type:
LEL/% vol. CH4/O2/H2S/CO
Country of Origin:
0.80 LBS
10.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
13.50 (in)
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