RamFan UB20 Saddle Vent System

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$1,144.00 - $1,327.00
RamFan UB20 Saddle Vent System
$1,144.00 - $1,327.00


Euramco's RamFan UB20 Saddle Vent System is designed for ventilation in manholes and other vertical confined spaces. Available in 115VAC or 12VDC versions. This special design allows easy entry/exit, only taking up 3 inches of depth on one side of the manhole opening. The 90 degree elbow allows unobstructed airflow from the blower down through the vertical entry. Includes 2 pieces of 8 inch ducting: 5 feet and 15 feet duct is provided for attachment above or below ground to meet your unique ventilation needs. No need to stop ventilating when workers are entering or leaving the space. Improves productivity.

System includes:

  • 8 in. 1/3HP blower-exhauster 115VAC
  • -Or-8 in. 1/3HP blower-exhauster 12VDC
  • Quick-Couple long canister, 2 pieces 8 in. duct (5 ft. and 15 ft.)
  • Saddle Vent, manhole entry model
  • Saddle Vent 90 degree elbow
  • Saddle Vent universal mount

Specification Sheet:

 Specification Sheet

Part Numbers:
ED7015-MED - 115V/60Hz Blower Kit with 15 ft. and 5 ft. duct
ED9015-MED - 12V DC/60Hz Blower Kit with 15 ft. and 5 ft. duct
ED7002 - 8 in. 1/3HP blower-exhauster 115VAC
ED9002 - 8 in. 1/3HP blower-exhauster 12VDC
ED7004CL/DS - Quick-Couple long canister, 2 pcs 8 in. duct (5ft and 15ft)
MED189 - Manhole Entry Device, MED Vent
MED90 - Manhole Entry Device 90 degree Elbow Connector
MEDUM - Manhole Entry Device Universal Mount

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