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Professional Safety Journal (PSJ), American Society of Safety Professionals’ flagship monthly journal, covers the latest safety management and injury prevention trends. 

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Confined Spaces: Avoiding Common Mistakes in Gas Detection March 2021

For maintenance, utility or construction professionals, working in confined spaces tends to be one of the most dangerous aspects of the job. Oxygen may be in short supply when working in manholes, crawl spaces, tunnels and other confined areas. READ MORE


Lone Worker Safety: How Wireless Equipment Can Improve Safety in the Field November 2019

When workers are alone in the field, they are largely responsible for their own safety and health. They may have to deal with a range of potential hazards and difficult working conditions on their own, which can lead to incidents and injuries. READ MORE


The Dangers of Gas Detection in Cold Weather February 2019

Accurate gas detection readings in cold weather can mean the difference between life and death. READ MORE


Gas Prices & Worker Safety June 2018

As gas prices continue to drop across the U.S., occupational safety standards may also decrease to reduce production costs and increase profit margins. Current trends include seeking new ways to most efficiently maintain occupational safety standards without the burden of increased cost. READ MORE