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PIP Grippaz Food Plus Nitrile Glove w/Textured Fish Scale Grip 67-308 (case)

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PIP Grippaz Food Plus Ambidextrous Nitrile Glove w/Textured Fish Scale Grip features a fish scale pattern that provides the unparalleled grip performance. Ergonomically designed to provide traction grip on the outside and on the inside Tough stretch formula nitrile fits more snugly than traditional gloves and offers maximum comfort, multiple use durability and dexterity. Ideal for handling oily/wet parts, paint spraying, automotive service and repair and electroplating objects.

Key Features:

  • Patented design on the inside and outside of glove provides excellent grip for handling wet, slippery food
  • 8 mil proprietary nitrile blend with patented fish scale pattern is more tear-resistant and puncture- resistant than conventional single- use disposable gloves for prolonged use and reduced waste
  • Specially formulated for excellent performance with fatty foods
  • ESD Safe, Surface Resistance per ASTM D257, Static dissipative range at 10^8 ohms, 12%RH, 48hrs @100Volts
  • Material complies with 21 CFR in repeated use and contact applications
  • Proprietary nitrile blend offers enhanced flexibility, comfort and mobility reducing hand fatigue
  • Food grade blue gloves and packaging for alignment with food safety protocols
  • Ambidextrous glove design reduces waste by eliminating the need to split pairs. Sold by 48 gloves per bag/10 bags per case.


  • J: Heptane
  • K: Sodium Hydroxide 40%
  • T: Formaldehyde 37%
  • P: Hydrogen Peroxide 30%

Specification Sheet: 

Part Numbers:
67-308/L - Large
67-308/M - Medium
67-308/XL - XL
67-308/XXL - 2XL
67-308/XXXL - 3XL

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Additional Information

Country of Origin:
14.00 LBS
12.25 (in)
12.50 (in)
10.75 (in)
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