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PIP EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest System 390-PCVKT1

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PIP - Protective Industrial Products
PIP EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest System 390-PCVKT1


PIP EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest System with Cooling Packs maintains a comfortable 65 F temperature for up to 3 hours. The semi-solid thermal energy storage material (PCM) is designed to absorb heat generated by the wearer. A great solution for working in high humidity areas and for use under other PPE garments where evaporative products are less effective. The PCM material is set at a comfortable temperature that will not cause vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction is a physical response to extreme cold, where the veins and arteries constrict and slow blood movement, causing the body to retain heat. 65 is comfortable and less shocking to the body's system, allowing for natural circulation.

Key Features:

  • Cooling packs made in USA. Vest made in China
  • Constructed from a 3 layer fabric combining hydrophilic fibers into a fibrous batting and thermally conductive core
  • Spot wash or hand wash only
  • Cooling properties can be reactivated for the life of the product; May be used over and over again
  • Very durable and will last multiple seasons with proper care and normal use
  • Perfect for use in high heat/humid areas and under protective equipment
  • Provides comfortable cooling up to 3 hours
  • Temperature set to 65
  • Adjustable at shoulders and torso for snug high fit to deliver cooling to the core
  • Activate by placing the packs in a refrigerator or freezer for 1 hour or in a cooler with ice water for approximately 20 minutes
  • One size fits most: up to size 58" chest

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