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mPower POLI MP400T Diffusion MonoDock Single Docking Station

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MPower Electronics MP400T Diffusion MonoDock Single Docking Station for MP400P POLI diffusion models (monitor, demand-flow regulator and gas not included). The POLI Docking Station provides easy instrument bump testing, calibration, configuration, firmware upgrade, data download, and calibration certificates. The MonoDock has rechargeable batteries and is portable for remote use.

Key Features:

  • Simple & Fast: One-button operation for either bump test or calibration
  • High Capacity: 2,000 calibration or bump record storage in reliable FLASH Memory
  • Convenient: Records can be downloaded without the POLI in place
  • Portable: Battery power for up to 1000 bump tests
  • Robust: All-in-one hard case
  • Note: monitor, demand-flow regulator and gas cylinder not included


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