Miller Fall Protection

Miller BackBiter Two-Legged Tie Back Lanyard 8798B/6FTGN

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Miller Fall Protection
Miller BackBiter Two-Legged Tie Back Lanyard 8798B/6FTGN


The Miller BackBiter is a tie back lanyard, perfect for when you have an anchorage point that you're able to loop around. This quality also means that the snap hook is strong enough to support a 5,000 lb. gate load from any angle. The 8798B/6FTGN version is two-legged, enabling 100 percent tie off. The BackBiter features a SofStop Shock Absorber, cross-arm anchorage connector, extra-strength polyester webbing with five times more abrasion resistance, and a Teflon coating on the webbing that gives it superior protection against water, oil, and grease. This allows you to work in nearly any environment. This lanyard is particularly popular among many of our construction customers because of its incredible durability, and the fact it that anchors so easily to almost any overhead beam. Miller, by Honeywell, makes fall protection products that save lives in a variety of different industries.

Key Features:

  • Two-legged
  • SofStop shock absorber
  • Two extra-strength steel snap hooks
  • Durable polyester, Teflon-coated webbing
  • Cross-arm anchorage connector

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Additional Information

Safety Standard:
100% Tie Off:
Weight Capacity:
310 Pounds
Lifeline Material:
Webbing Material:
3.30 LBS
7.00 (in)
7.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
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