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Miller AirCore Harness QC Buckles and Lumbar Pad AC-QC-BDP/UGN

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The Miller AirCore AC-QC-BDP/UGN is the top-of-the-line full-body harness option for our customers who need superior comfort while working at height. This version features lumbar support, side D-rings, removable belt, and quick-connect leg strap buckles in addition to AirCore's famous breathable webbing, lightweight, quick-connect chest strap buckle, and bright green coloring. This harness has all the components that you'd want from a harness. It meets the strictest ANSI requirements, it has less surface area than competitive models which makes it light, and it's incredibly ergonomic and strategically-padded for support. Miller listened to their customers when making this harness, and the difference shows in its careful craftsmanship. Miller by Honeywell is no stranger to making quality fall protection gear, and the AirCore is no exception. It meets the highest safety standards while providing unmatched comfort.

Key Features

  • Side and back D-rings
  • Padded lumbar support
  • Removable body belt
  • Quick-connect leg strap and chest buckles
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Bright green coloring for easy spotting

Total Weight 6.1 lbs.

Part Number:

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Additional Information

Leg Straps:
Quick-Connect Buckle
Size Type:
Harness Style:
Cross-Over Style
Belt Option:
Belt Included
Webbing Material:
Safety Standard:
Weight Capacity:
420 Pounds
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