Kask Super Plasma Rescue Helmet 3462

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CMC Rescue Kask Super Plasma Helmets are specifically designed for professional rescue and work-at-height. They are compact, lightweight, comfortable, well-ventilated with 10 air intakes, and equipped with aluminum anti-intrusion grills to protect against debris and water. The helmet?'s outer shell is designed to withstand significant impact. The four fastening points of the chinstrap are engineered to eliminate the risk of helmet loss in case of an impact during a fall (breaking strength of more than 50 daN or 112.4 lbf). Soft polyethylene side retractors regulate the length of the straps with a special red-colored ring on one for fastening the helmet to a harness. You can also choose a Petzl helmet which is ideal for climbers.

Key Features:

  • Outer shell is made of high-density ABS plastic
  • Soft polyethylene side retractors regulate length of the straps
  • 4 fastening points of the chinstrap
  • Inner shell's advanced shape provides a better adaptation to all head sizes for maximum comfort
  • Superior durability
  • Made in Italy

Spec Sheet:

Part Numbers:
3462 346200 White
346201 Orange
346202 Blue
346203 Red
346205 Black
346207 Yellow
346220 Hi-Vis White
346223 Hi-Vis Red
346226 Hi-Vis Lime

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KAS01-3462_ _
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14.00 (in)
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