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The International Association of Electrical Inspectors’ (IAEI) is a leading trade magazine and community for electricians and electrical systems inspectors. It is a highly-reputable continuing-education platform with on-demand virtual courses and downloadable materials for onsite training. 

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Selecting and Maintaining Arc Flash Workwear March 23, 2023

Each piece of arc flash workwear is tested, rated, and classified based on its ability to prevent second-degree burns. Workers should consider the risks and their personal safety needs when choosing AR clothing for the task at hand. READ MORE


5 Electrical Hazards to Watch Out for This Winter January 3, 2023

Winter months tend to be hard on all kinds of equipment because reducing the temperature makes it harder to move electricity through the system. READ MORE


Eye Safety: Preventing Workplace Eye Injuries October 26, 2021

Electrical work requires eye safety equipment. Running wiring, replacing fixtures, and hanging brackets require tools to cut or drill holes in structures, which can kick up a lot of dust and other debris that can cause eye problems. As an electrician, you will also need protection when dealing with radiation from visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light. You could be working with other tradesmen who use harmful chemicals as part of their work. All these things will require eye protection. READ MORE


How to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses at Work August 12, 2021

Heat-related illnesses cause thousands of workers trouble every year, but the good news is that they’re largely preventable if you’re aware and proactive. READ MORE


The magazine offers a wide range of articles on the latest trends in the industry, focusing on common household electrical issues and electrical inspections. The content provides insights into the electrical products and systems being used by consumers and businesses to help electricians work safely around this equipment. It covers various energy-saving strategies and solutions, changing building codes and requirements, and new generation and transmission technology.  

The electrical profession is in flux, and IAEI is here to help you stay in the know every step of the way. It looks at how businesses and consumers are shifting to smarter, greener technologies and the implications for professionals who maintain these systems. The website includes a breakdown of the latest installation and inspection guidelines, including the National Electrical Code (NEC), and features a state-by-state guide for electrician license renewal. 

As a leading retailer of electrical equipment and PPE, PK Safety contributes IAEI articles to share important safety information with the electrical inspection community. We offer advice on choosing PPE for various types of situations, including arc flash clothing and face shields, electrical gloves, hard hats, and attire for working outdoors in extreme temperatures. Our content makes it easy for these professionals to find the right safety supplies for every assignment. 

PK Safety also helps electrical service companies establish protocols for using and maintaining their PPE. Electricians, contractors, and utility workers perform some of the most dangerous tasks in the industry. Many systems are in confined spaces, which often contain toxic gases, requiring confined space safety equipment

These contributions highlight specific hazards with tips on how to safely get around them. We discuss the dangers of working in extreme weather and how to safely work with damaged electrical equipment. The articles provide tips on how to prevent and respond to various electrical emergencies, including heaters that cause fires when used incorrectly and generators that leak carbon monoxide into the air. 

Follow our coverage on IAEI to keep up with the latest electrical safety trends.