Hurricone Industrial Floor Fan with 36 in. Safety Cone

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Hurricone Industrial Floor Fan was developed to help alleviate the common problem of wet floors and the slip hazards they produce. Whether from a spill clean up or just routine mopping of the floor, a wet or damp floor is an invitation for a customer or employee to have an accident. Hurricone Industrial Floor Drying System reduces the wet floor turnaround time to as little as 5 minutes. The standard yellow warning cone is a familiar sight in any commercial environment, warning customers and employees of a potentially dangerous wet floor. The Hurricone has taken that standard 4-sided cone and added a powerful fan that can dry a freshly mopped floor 15 feet in diameter in as little as 5 minutes. The cordless, battery operated Hurricone promotes fast drying by sending a smooth breeze of air along the floor 360 degrees around the unit. It is no secret that a huge problem exists with slips, trips, and falls. Whether in the workplace or in commercial establishments such as restaurants, airports, and hotels, falls on the same level (as opposed to falls from height) injure thousands of workers and patrons annually. OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.22 (a) (2) addresses this in part. Standard procedure is to promptly clean up food spills and use cones to identify wet areas. The Hurricone takes the next step, by accelerating the drying process. The industry standard 4-sided cone has warning information in Spanish and English with a pictogram. The words Caution and Cuidado are printed in red, and the words Wet Floor and Piso Mojado are in black. The slip and fall pictogram is in red.The Hurricone HSC6000 is a complete system. The Hurricone comes with the fan base/dolly, rechargeable battery, 36 in. 4-sided safety cone, and 110V AC charger. A switch on the base turns the fan on or off, and the unit can run for up to 12 hours on a single charge. After 12 hours of use, it takes about 9 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery pack can be charged while in the unit, or removed and replaced with a fresh battery to avoid taking the unit out of service. There is a battery saver circuit which automatically limits battery discharge to optimize the battery life. LED and audible warnings let you know when the battery is low. Additional cones may be stacked for ease of transport and storage. With 3 or 4 cones nested on top, a Hurricone may be wheeled to the location, and a perimeter of cones mark out the wet zone while fan blows the area dry. Then turn the unit off, stack up the cones and head off to the next restroom or lobby that needs attention. The cone meets OSHA and ANSI standards. The overall height is 41.5 in. with the cone, and the base is 14.5 in. square. One year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Dries floors 360 degrees around unit and up to 15 feet in diameter (177 sq. ft.)
  • Cordless / Rechargeable – Runs up to 12 hours on a replaceable battery pack
  • Decrease your floor drying time by up to 90%*
  • Battery Level Indicator LED and Audible warnings of low battery voltage
  • Battery Saver Circuit Automatically limits battery discharge to optimize battery life
  • Battery pack can be charged internally or removed and charged separately to avoid taking floor dryer out of service
  • Safety cones can be stacked for easy storage and transport
  • Fits HURRICONE™ Brand, Rubbermaid®, and Lamba Systems® 36 in. safety cones
  • HURRICONE Brand safety cone meets new OSHA and ANSI standards
  • 1 Year Warranty

Total Weight: 30 lbs. - Does not include charger.


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