High Visibility Shirts

High Visibility Shirts

When it comes to staying visible and comfortable on the job, it’s best to grab a high visibility shirt. Thick, insulating reflective clothing may be great for the winter, but not when it’s nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Lighten your load in the field with these hi vis shirts. They’re made with moisture-wicking materials to keep the sweat away, so you can stay clean and dry all day long. They’re much lighter than other types of hi vis workwear, so you and your team can move freely without getting bogged down by extra layers.


With these bright lime green patterns and highly reflective silver tape, you and your team can stay visible regardless of where you need to be. Whether you’re working on the street or in the middle of a dark field, you and your colleagues don’t have to worry about stepping on each other’s toes. You can use equipment with more peace of mind knowing that you can see your team members. 

Choose from a wide selection of hi vis gear and workwear on our website. We carry some of the biggest names in the industry, including NSA, MCR Safety, PIP, and Berne. We also have dozens of sizes and styles, so every member of your team can find what they need. Choose between tapered long sleeves and short sleeves, depending on your work environment. We're here to answer all your questions. Contact the professionals at PK Safety to learn more about our high visibility shirts and durable workwear.