GfG In-Line RAM 744 Air Filtration Filter Panel

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GfG In-Line RAM 744 Air Filtration Filter Panel is the ideal monitor for portable applications and where space is limited. It is mounted with the filtration system, allowing for rapid response and eliminating the possibility of sample lines becoming blocked or crimped. The flow rate is fixed so there are no touchy flow meters to adjust. Calibration and maintenance are made simple with our innovative AutoCal system that allows the CO sensor to be calibrated with a test gas connection and the flip of a switch. The alarm level is set to 10ppm. The compact, portable air case encloses the three-stage 25, 50 or 100 CFM filter panel with the RAM 744 CO monitor in a rugged carrying case*. All models have quick-connect inlets and outlets. Any GfG Instrumentation RAM instrument can be custom-configured to meet the needs of the end users exact specifications.

Key Features:

  • Continuous in-line CO monitor
  • Low maintenance, dependable, long-life electrochemical sensor
  • Three stage filtration for up to 8 users
  • Available in:
    • 25 CFM (maximum of 2 ports)
    • 50 CFM (maximum of 4 ports)
    • 100 CFM (maximum of 8 ports)
    • Monitors: CO



Part Numbers:
9025-744 - 25 CFM / Standard CO Sensor
9025-744H - 25 CFM / Low H2 Interference CO Sensor
9050-744 - 50 CFM / Standard CO Sensor
9050-744H - 50 CFM / Low H2 Interference CO Sensor
9100-744 - 100 CFM / Standard CO Sensor
9100-744H - 100 CFM / Low H2 Interference CO Sensor

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