GfG 4-Gas Bump Test Gas 7 Liter



GfG Instrumentation introduces ecoBump test gas by Gasco. The ecoBump is a returnable 4-inch-tall cylinder for convenient bump testing of single and multi-gas monitors as well as fixed systems. The ecoBump four-gas mix can achieve a proper bump test within three seconds, providing over 250 bump tests per unit. Its convenient size and its returnable feature make it not only an essential tool for the widest range of applications, but also allows for a much cleaner and less wasteful environment.

Key Features:

  • 1200 psi
  • Considered non-hazardous when shipping (ground within USA), eliminating costly hazardous materials freight charges
  • Approximately 250 three second bumps
  • Cylinder has C10 fitting to adapt to existing regulators

Part Numbers:

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