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French Creek Flexible Access Ladders WL

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$277.29 - $1,307.01


Note: This item is Made to Order, cannot be exchanged and is non-returnable.

French Creek Flexible Access Ladders are constructed of high strength webbing and 1 1/4" diameter round fiberglass rungs. Each ladder comes complete with two carabiners. Multiple ladders can be joined together using carabiners.


  • Construction: high strength webbing
  • Rungs: 1 1/4" diameter round fiberglass
  • Carabiners: Twistlock carabiner 5/8" gate. Connect ladders, or use to connect to anchorage.

Part Number:
WL-10 - 10 ft  This is a Quick Ship item, can be exchanged and is returnable.
WL-20 - 20 ft
WL-30 - 30 ft
WL-40 - 40 ft
WL-50 - 50 ft

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Country of Origin:
United States
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