French Creek Dual Pack-Style Choker Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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French Creek Dual Pack-Style Choker Shock Absorbing Lanyard is a 6' dual-leg energy absorbing web lanyard, web choke loop at harness attachment end, locking snap hooks or rebar snaps at anchor ends.

Key Features:

  • 1″ synthetic webbing with shock pack
  • Choke to harness style
  • Standard length 6′
  • Dual Leg
  • Pack Style Shock Absorber
  • Clear Shock Absorber Cover
  • Choice of Steel Locking Snap hooks or Rebar snaps for anchor connection
  • Web Choke Loop
  • Made in the USA

Part Numbers:
340A - 3/4” steel locking snap hooks
344A - 2 1/2" gated steel rebar snaps

Additional Details:

0.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout
Lanyard Leg Material:
1" Nylon Webbing
Weight Capacity:
130-310 Lbs. ANSI 400 OSHA
Hardware Material:
Zinc plated alloy steel
6 FT
Harness Connection:
Web Choke Loop
D-ring Material:
Zinc Plated Alloy Steel
3.2 Lbs
Anchor Connection Type:
Steel Locking Snaphook