Euramco Anti-Static Ducting -12 in.-1215CBB

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  • RAM01-FDT-12_5CBB-Product_Image_1
$354.00 - $583.00


This anti-static ducting from Euramco will fit any 12 in. blower (like the EFi75XX, for example), allowing for the flexible forced ventilation of any enclosed space, while allowing any built up static charge to dissipate safely, preventing the ignition of explosive gases. Made from a rugged polyethylene the ducts are strong, hard wearing and flame retardant, while a helical wire running the entire duct length keeps the it wide open allowing air to flow freely. Suitable for use on many industrial sites, the ducting is great for navy workers, oilrig refinery or gas engineers or indeed anyone working in confined spaces or performing manhole entry.

Part Numbers:
FDT-1215CBB - 15 FT
FDT-1225CBB - 25 FT

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