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EHS Today provides guidance and knowledge for safety, health, and industrial hygiene professionals across the manufacturing, construction, and service sectors. Published monthly by Endeavor Business Media, EHS Today is a pivotal resource that provides industry news, comprehensive insights, trends, and regulatory updates to facilitate safe and healthy work environments. 

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Also accessible via and their newsletters, EHS Today covers a wide spectrum of topics essential to workplace safety, including:

  • Occupational Health
  • Safety Best Practices
  • OSHA Standards Compliance
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Risk Management 

EHS Today aims to inform and empower safety decision-makers and professionals. Its focus extends to delivering high-quality content that addresses management strategies, regulatory changes, and the latest advancements in safety technology. 

A Multi-Generational Commitment to Health and Safety

The first issue of EHS Today was published in 1938 by noted philanthropist Irving B. Dexter. Initially titled Occupational Hazards and Safety, the publication was designed to address the increasing workplace hazards that resulted from the accelerating industrialization of the times. 

The magazine’s name was subsequently truncated to Occupational Hazards, which it carried until 2008, when the new publishers rebranded it to EHS Today. With the new name came a new mission — to provide the 21st-century environment, health, and safety manager with a comprehensive and accessible source of news and knowledge.

According to former editor-in-chief Sandy Smith, “EHS Today builds on Occupational Hazards’ 70-year tradition of editorial excellence but redefines the mission to serve today’s multi-tasking, technologically savvy reader operating in a global economy.”

A Shared History with Safety

With over 75 years in the safety business, we understand what it takes to stay safe in work environments using the right safety equipment for the job. The products we offer have been vetted by customer feedback and our extensive experience to provide users with the latest, most dependable technology and the best value for money. 

This includes safety supply gear and equipment for the following:

  • Traffic Safety 
  • Oil and Gas Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Welding Safety
  • Wildfire Safety

If you have any questions about the products you see on this site or safety in general, fill out this contact form or call us at 855-469-2728.

EHS Today and PK Safety: Health and Safety Conduits

EHS Today’s mission is deeply rooted in supporting safety professionals in their roles by leveraging relevant content, demographic data, and behavioral insights. The publication facilitates collaborations that enhance safety practices and outcomes by connecting marketers with environmental health and safety decision-makers. 

As the leading provider of safety and equipment solutions, PK Safety exemplifies this synergy by regularly contributing its expertise in safety standards, emergency management, and personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations. Explore the EHS Today articles above to stay abreast of the latest developments, regulatory changes, and best practices and help foster a safer, healthier work environment for all.