DBI-SALA Webbing Tie-Off Adapter 100300

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The DBI-SALA Tie-Off Adapter features a pass-through design that makes attaching to an anchorage quick and easy. The 1-3/4 in. polyester strength member (5,000 lb. Min. tensile strength) has a 3 in.-wide polyester wear pad for added abrasion resistance and product longevity. The coated steel hardware provides corrosion resistance and strength, even for extra hazardous environments such as petrochemical plants. The DBI-SALA Tie-Off Adapter meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359. This tie-off adapter is our most versatile anchorage connector combining ease of use, light weight and high strength (5,000 lb. Min. tensile strength). It provides you with an anchorage connector that can be used almost anywhere an anchorage point is needed.

Part Numbers:
1003000 - 3 ft.
1003006 - 6 ft.

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