DBI-SALA ShockWave2 100% Tie-Off Rescue Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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3M DBI-SALA ShockWave2 100% Tie-Off Rescue Shock Absorbing Lanyard has a 6 ft. (1.8m) double-leg 100% tie-off with elastic web, D-ring for rescue, steel or aluminum snap hook at center, and snap or rebar hooks at leg ends. ShockWave2 shock absorbing lanyards incorporate a unique stretchable design. It offers complete freedom of movement while reducing trip fall hazards, dragging or snagging by expanding to 6 ft. (1.8m) when taut and automatically contracting to 4 1/2 ft. (1.4m) in reaction to the worker’s movements. The design is lightweight and provides added comfort and safety. The unique inner core begins to extend and absorb energy once subjected to a fall, and limits the fall arrest forces to safe levels. A built in impact indicator provides easy visual evidence if the shock has been involved in a fall. All DBI/SALA lanyards incorporate our patented self locking snap hooks which are widely recognized in the industry for their user friendly operation and are preferred by safety professionals and workers alike. Specifically designed to allow you to open and connect the hook without getting your thumb or fingers in the way even with gloves on.

Applications: Construction, General Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Utilities, Wind Energy

Product Features:

  • 6 ft. (1.8m) double-leg 100% tie-off lanyard
  • Stretches in reaction to your movements
  • Integrated D-ring for SRL attachment or rescue
  • Abrasion resistant polyester tubular webbing
  • User friendly self locking snap hook at center
  • Self-locking steel rebar hook at leg ends
  • Energy absorbing design limits fall arrest forces
  • Built-in impact indicator
  • Protected labels
  • equipped with 3M Connected Safety ID (CSID)
Anchor Connection Type Snap Hook, Rebar Locking Nose, or Saflok Max Rebar
Anchor Material Aluminum or Zinc Plated Steel
Energy Absorber Class 6 ft (1.8 m) Free Fall/MAAF 900 lbs. (4 kN)
Harness Connection Hook Material Aluminum or Zinc Plated Steel
Harness Connection Type Snap Hook
Lanyard Material Polyester Tubular Web
Lanyard Type Variable/Elastic
Leg Count Double-Leg 100% Tie-Off
Material Polyester
Number of Legs 2
Overall Length (Imperial) 6 ft
Product Color Yellow
Product Series ShockWave™2
Product Type 100% Tie-Off Rescue Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Recommended Industry Construction
Specifications Met ANSI A10.32
Weight Capacity 130-310 lbs. (59-141kg)
Weight Capacity (Imperial) 310 lb.
Weight Capacity (Metric) 141 kg


Part Number:
1244455 - Steel/Snap Hook (anchor), Steel/Snap Hook (harness)
1244456 - Steel/Rebar Locking Nose (anchor), Steel/Snap Hook,D-ring (harness)
1244459 - Steel/Saflok Max Rebar (anchor), Steel/Snap Hook,D-ring (harness)
1244750 - Steel/Rebar Locking Nose (anchor), D-ring, Steel/Snap Hook (harness)
1244751 - Aluminum/Rebar Locking Nose,D-ring (anchor), Aluminum/Snap Hook (harness)

Additional Details:

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Product Type:
100% Tie-Off Rescue Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Specifications Met:
ANSI A10.32
Weight Capacity:
310 lb.
Overall Length:
6 ft
Product Series:
Anchor Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Energy Absorber Class:
6 ft (1.8 m) Free Fall/MAAF 900 lbs. (4 kN)
Weight Capacity (Metric):
141 kg
Leg Count:
Double-Leg 100% Tie-Off
Lanyard Type:
Harness Connection Hook Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Number of Legs:
Lanyard Material:
Polyester Tubular Web