Coretex BugX30 Insect Repellent 2 oz. Pump Spray 12650 12/case

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Coretex BugX30 Insect Repellent 2 oz. Pump Spray 12650 12/case


The handy BugX 30 percent Deet Pump 2 oz. Spray is the perfect size to take with you in your pocket or bag. DEET-based insect repellents, such as BugX, have been shown to be the most effective way of repelling mosquitoes and ticks, providing the highest degree of protection. The most effective repellents contain Deet (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide). The more Deet a repellent contains, the longer time it can protect you from mosquito bites. A higher percentage of Deet in a repellent does not mean your protection is better - just that it will last longer. Deet concentrations higher than 50 percent do not increase the length of protection. A product containing 20 percent Deet provides almost 4 hours, with 30 percent approaching 8 hours. This water-based formulation has very low odor and is easy on the skin. This product should not be sprayed directly on the face. Instead, spray on your hands and wipe onto the face. 12/case This product is made in the U.S.A.

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