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Know When to Replace Your Safety Gloves August 1, 2023

Learn when to replace construction safety gloves so your crew can do their jobs without putting their hands at risk. READ MORE


Safely Perform a Lockout/Tagout on a Jobsite April 19, 2022

The LO/TO process is designed to save lives. The construction industry is full of potentially hazardous equipment that can break down over time. Construction professionals should use this system every time a machine needs to be repaired. READ MORE


Improve Helmet and Hard Hat Safety, Maintenance February 28, 2022

Helmets and hard hats are there to protect heads, but it's possible to forget to maintain this equipment over time, which can put workers at risk. READ MORE


Improve Helmet and Hard Hat Safety, MaintenanceAvoid Jobsite Injuries With a Confined Space Rescue Plan January 25, 2022

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has clear rescue guidelines for employees working in these areas. Managers can use the following guide to create a cohesive rescue plan for confined spaces. READ MORE


Working Safely With Silica: Health Hazards and OSHA Compliance December 8, 2021

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set clear regulations for working with this substance, so construction workers and managers can know the risks of inhaling this substance and protect themselves on the job site. READ MORE


Calculating Shock-Absorbing Lanyard Fall Clearance for Construction Workers November 30, 2021

Employees working on elevated surfaces increase their risk of falls that could lead to injury and death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that all construction workers must have fall protection when they are more than six feet from the next work level. READ MORE


Understanding and Using LEL Gas Monitors on a Construction Site October 31, 2021

Measuring the lower explosive limits of combustible gases is essential in the construction industry. A gas leak can occur at any time, endangering the lives of workers and clients. If these gases reach a certain threshold, the gas could combust, leading to a flash fire or explosion. READ MORE


The ABCDs of Fall Safety September 26, 2021

Many professionals rely on what are known as the ABCDs of Fall Safety. Each category outlines a specific hazard or area of concern that every safety manager should be aware of. READ MORE


Nine Electrical Hazards to Watch Out For September 13, 2021

Raw electricity tends to be one of the most dangerous aspects of working on a construction site. Any encounter with electricity can lead to nerve damage, injury and even death. Be mindful of these nine electrical hazards when working on a construction site. READ MORE