Working in the Storm - Clothing and Equipment to Stay Safe

Working in the Storm - Clothing and Equipment to Stay Safe

Every storm leaves work to be done. Sometimes that work needs to take place at night. It's typically important, dangerous, and soggy. At PK Safety we've got everything you need if you're out in the storm this season.

You may have noticed we're big on Protective Industrial Products or PIP as they are called. Their rain equipment is both well-priced and functional. We especially like the 2-piece Hi-Visibility Rain Suit for this type of work. It not only moves well while you're hauling or chain-sawing or whatever it is that's dragged you out into the rain, but it also has a Class 3 reflective rating. That's not the namby-pamby Class 2 rating. This two-piece rain suit meets the standard of 1,240 in. sq. of background material and 310 in. sq. of retro reflective material using 2-inch strips of highly reflective tape that can be seen a long way off when light shines on it. And that can come in handy during low-light situations.

PIP's Long, Reflective Raincoat is also good for work in rain, though it might not be as good in high wind situations. PIP makes some excellent rip-stop waterproof nylon pants as well. These are heavy-duty enough to be worn in the trades as well. The pants feature two side-access pockets, one rear zipper pocket, two cargo pockets, and is reinforced in heavy wear areas. The legs are gusseted to get your boots in easily and close with hook and loop (aka Velcro).

I still think one of the most important items to have while our restoring order during storms is the Aervoe Super Rechargeable LED Road Flare. Not only are these things incredibly bright, long-lasting, crush-proof, and waterproof, but they also have a heavy-duty magnet on the bottom that allows you to quickly attach them to the sides of cars or whatever metal carnage you're dragging out of the way. This is a significant improvement over the traditional burning safety flares that had to be on the ground.

If you have questions about getting your crew supplied with reflective, protective gear, give us a ring at 1-800-829-9580.

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Dec 10th 2014 Justin McCarter

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