Why We Carry Petzl Gear

Why We Carry Petzl Gear

Gravity is a harsh mistress. In a confined space, she truly plays for keeps. Petzl, a French company started by cave explorers and mountain climbers, understands the dangers of confined space jobs better than anyone else in the industry. is excited to be the first company in the US to offer Petzl products solely with confined space worksites in mind. Our experts have put together kits that meet the unique safety demands of confined spaces and take the guesswork out of staring at a webpage overflowing with potential supplies. The kits make shopping fast and don’t skimp on what a person needs to stay safe in a confined space. This way, a customer can get everything that is necessary for a job while knowing that it is of the best possible quality.

It pays to have safety in a vertical world. Not satisfied with the conventional safety requirements of the industry, Petzl built its own lab and developed standards for itself that are miles beyond those of any other company. Most importantly, Petzl employees personally test their equipment in the field, so that customers know the equipment that they are buying can withstand real world conditions. They even made a short film that shows the full range of testing.

This personal touch has been a hallmark of the company since it began and it is the trait that I like the most. Fernand Petzl, the company’s founder, was not just some scientist working safely in a lab. He was a family man and began the company by building caving equipment for himself, his family, and his friends. He also field-tested his own gear, living to the ripe old age of ninety! The company has carried on this tradition of using a personal touch to guarantee that its customers have equipment that they would trust a family member using. The fact that he trusted his life and the lives of his family and friends to the gear that he was making, makes me feel confident about using it myself and recommending it to our customers. We’re all looking for the safest way to do our jobs. Petzl surpasses safety standards and makes me feel confident on every single job.

Dec 12th 2014 Administrator

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