What Makes Sandless Sandbags Better Than Traditional Sandbags?

What Makes Sandless Sandbags Better Than Traditional Sandbags?

All kinds of industries use sandbags as a flood prevention technique. But flood bags can be extremely heavy and cumbersome, each weighing around 30 pounds. Some people may be unable to physically lift or move the bags, which reduces efficiency and complicates safety supply flood planning.

But facilities can get the same protection from sandless flood bags. Ultra-Aqua flood bags weigh just one pound. They are made with super absorbent polymer instead of sand to prevent leaks and spills. They inflate after five minutes of coming in contact with water to provide the same protection as traditional sandbags. Once they have been immersed in water, the bag will inflate to 90% capacity. A rip, tear, or hole will render a regular sandbag useless as sand spills onto the floor. But sandless sandbags can withstand wear and tear to retain their flood protective properties.

When a flood event arises, large quantities of sand and stacks of empty bags must be made quickly available. Due to the weight of sand, it is usually distributed from a centralized location(s). Affected groups descend upon the piles with shovels and vehicles, with just filling all those bags as a big part of the chore. By contrast, sandless bags can be quickly and easily staged in advance or distributed in commonly available vehicles..

Sand-filled bags also tend to make a mess when they get wet. The moisture breaks down the fabric, increasing the chances of a leak. Once water gets into the bag, it will eventually turn to mud. That’s not the case with sandless bags. The plastic won’t break down or leak over time, which makes cleaning up a breeze.

Anyone can move or use these flood bags regardless of their physical abilities. This makes them particularly useful to hospitals, nursing homes, and ill or infirm individuals living on their own in flood-prone areas. It is also much easier to store and transport sandless bags compared to regular sandbags. A whopping 720 Aqua-Ultra bags can fit onto a single pallet compared to just 60 sandbags. Each sandless bag measures just 17”x 22” when dry.

The sandless bags are also designed to retain an even shape when they expand, which makes them easy to stack. Other bags tend to slump to the bottom end. The sand will clump and form random shapes and patterns. They can easily fall over when there are more than a few bags on top of each other. The wall will also be unstable and permeable. The water can easily knock it down or slip through the cracks between the bags. Sandless bags create a uniform stacking pattern to stop the water in its tracks.

Sandbags have been around for hundreds of years. As the pace of flooding continues, businesses and consumers need a better way to protect themselves and their property from rising water. Sandless bags are more effective and environmentally friendly than sandbags.

PK Safety has been in the safety supply business for over 75 years, and we understand the importance of staying safe in your work and home environments. Contact PK Safety to learn more about these sandless flood bags and the additional gear you may want for stormwater management.  


Aug 17th 2022 PK Safety Team

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