What Are the Best Options for Multi-Task Gloves?

What Are the Best Options for Multi-Task Gloves?

Just as the name implies, multi-task gloves should be designed for multiple applications. These gloves are a crucial part of your business, but you need to make sure you find the right safety workwear for the task at hand. Whether you’re working with slick, messy equipment, trying to stay warm in the cold, or directing traffic late at night, you can find the right multi-task gloves right here at PK Safety. See what you should look for in a pair of safety gloves, so you can keep your team safe on the job.

High Visibility

If you and your team need to work in the field late at night, you’ll need something a little brighter than a pair of black or brown work gloves. PK Safety has a wide range of high visibility clothing for your work environment. Look for high-visibility safety gloves that come in neon colors like yellow, red, and orange. You can easily make your presence known in the area, helping you avoid any unexpected encounters with pedestrians and drivers. Hi-vis gloves also help you direct traffic within your workplace, so you can keep equipment moving in the right direction.

The MCR Predator Hi-Vis Multi-Task Gloves are covered in bright colors to improve visibility. The yellow fingers and red palm will help you see your team members clearly in the dark. They also have patent-pending tire tread TPR on the back of the hand and thumb for added protection in the field.

Affordable Price

You shouldn’t have to worry about multi-task gloves draining your bank account. Some retailers will arbitrarily inflate the price of these safety gloves to get you to pay more, but you can keep your team safe without spending a fortune. If you only need one pair of gloves, you might be willing to pay more, but not if you need to buy in bulk.

As a manager or safety supervisor, you’re likely responsible for more than one worker at a time, so it’s important to find a retailer that has your best interests at heart. When you shop at PK Safety, you can rest assured you’re getting a great price. We offer discounts for bulk orders, so you can keep your team safe for less.

Durable Thumb Crotch Seam

The thumb crotch seam may be one of the most important parts of multi-task gloves. It needs to be flexible, so you can move your thumb around, without falling apart under pressure. Find gloves that withstand constant wear and tear, which can cause the thumb crotch seam to rip, especially if you and your team are using them day in and day out.

The MCR Predator Leather Padded Multi-Task Gloves are a great choice. They come with a leather reinforced thumb crotch for additional protection, 2-way spandex for more flexibility, and a foam insert for more comfort on the job. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort or vice-versa.

With over 75 years of industry experience, PK Safety’s team knows the importance of quality safety supply and gear. Browse our selection of multi-task gloves today to protect your hands the right way. 

Mar 16th 2020 PK Safety Team

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