Transitioning from RKI’s GX-2009 to the GX-3R 4-Gas Confined Space Monitor

Transitioning from RKI’s GX-2009 to the GX-3R 4-Gas Confined Space Monitor

For over a decade,  RKI’s GX-2009 has been one of the most popular 4-gas monitors on the market (and one of our best sellers). However, our industry is all about improvements and innovations in the name of safety, so good things can only get better. RKI is discontinuing the production of critical components for the GX-2009 and estimates having enough for two years of production and inventory, which takes us through 2023. While replacement parts for the GX-2009 will be available for years to come, there won’t be any new monitors of that line produced after that.

However, a new and improved monitor is taking its place. Meet the  GX-3R if you haven’t had an opportunity to transition. With this series of monitors, you get the protection and durability you expect from RKI Instruments with the latest gas detection equipment and technology.


The RKI GX-3R Personal Gas Detector is one of the smallest and lightest 4-gas monitors on the market. It weighs only 3.52 ounces, and it’s so light that you can barely feel it. It can clip comfortably on a worker’s collar or lapel, within the breathing zone to monitor conditions right where you need it.

Small doesn’t mean delicate, though. Its IP 66/68 rated design is resistant to water, heavy impact, and dust. It comes with a removable rubber boot for extra impact resistance.

Multi-Gas Detection

If you face multiple hazards on the job, your personal gas detectors should be able to detect multiple gases. The detector allows for simultaneous detection of LELs, O2, H2S, and CO, but H2 Compensated CO sensors are also available. GX-3R monitors use a new generation of micro sensors that are very durable. The LEL sensor has two active filaments to increase resistance to silicone poisoning, the O2 sensor is electrochemical, and H2S and CO are available in a combo micro sensor.

Along with the detection are effective alerts. There are three user-adjustable alarm levels: audible, visual, and vibration alarms. The non-compliance indicator flashes 3 LED lights every 30 seconds when the device has been exposed to a gas, or it’s due for bump testing or calibration. The sensor also offers 25 hours of lithium-ion battery operation and field replaceable sensors and filters, which means that you’re prepared for any conditions.Great Pricing

You can’t put a price on worker safety, but fortunately, you can get the technology to protect you for a very reasonable cost. The GX-3R Personal Gas Detectors are small but powerful and have unique technology that makes them great for many workplaces. Despite having enhanced features compared to the GX-2009, the GX-3R is comparable in price. Because they’re built so well, they’ll last for years with proper care regardless of what kind of conditions you work in. You’re getting the best and most modern gas detection technology and the ability to protect against four different gases in a small and lightweight package—there’s a lot going for the GX-3R. A 3-year manufacturer warranty on the monitor and sensors means that you’ll save money and know that you’re getting a high-quality gas monitor.

PK Safety Personal Gas Detector Sale

While you can still get the GX-2009 through 2023, as well as replacement sensors, filters, and other parts for years to come, it’s also a good time to start transitioning to the GX-3R.

If it’s time to get new safety gear, PK Safety is your ideal dealer and partner. We even have RKI factory-trained certified technicians in-house when it’s time to service your gas detectors. We welcome your feedback and questions. To get in touch with one of our safety experts, contact us online or give us a call at 800.829.9580. 


May 16th 2022 PK Safety Team

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