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May 12th 2014

Class 2 Safety Clothing For Garbage Collectors

The need to be seen is especially important for workers who spend their days around moving traffic. Garbage collectors, utility workers, school crossing guards, and airport baggage handlers all fall into this category. These folks have specific safety precautions they are required to take under ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 which is the authoritative government tome on reflective and high-visibility cloth … read more
Apr 22nd 2013

Waste Collection Workers High Risk of Injury

Waste collection has always been a more injury-prone occupation than most. In both fatal and non-fatal accident categories, refuse collectors are at high risk. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows many of the fatal accidents being caused by transportation - either passing cars, other work vehicles, or their own refuse trucks. Slips, falls, and trips also occur with regularity, along with cut … read more