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Jun 19th 2015

Post Confined Space Warnings to Keep Employees Safe

If a workspace contains hazardous permit-required spaces, OSHA mandates the employer must inform exposed employees of their existence, location, and the hazards they pose. This can be done by posting unambiguous warning signs such as "DANGER-CONFINED SPACE- AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY." And while signs like that are pretty clear, there will still be folks who assume it doesn't apply to t … read more
Nov 14th 2014

Confined Space Signs – An Overview

What are confined space signs? Confined space signs simply warn people that an area is considered a confined space. A Confined spaces is large enough for a person to enter, but have restricted means of exit. This might be a tank, a tunnel, a sewer or some other industrial space. There is usually only one restrictive (smaller than a doorway) way in or out, and it is not designed for con … read more