Black Friday Savings on Safety Equipment

Black Friday Savings on Safety Equipment

The great thing about the PK Safety Black Friday specials is you don't have to stand in line in the dark. Or miss your family meal. There will be no danger of being trampled.

What you do have is the opportunity for great savings from the comfort of your keyboard. The 3M Mold Remediation Respirator Kit is an excellent example. While this full-face respirator with P100 HEPA air filters is ideal for keeping mold spores from your lungs and eyes, it's also an outstanding all-around respirator. Not only are the filters keeping 99.7% of all harmful particulates from your lungs, each breath through the 6000 Series full-face mask helps to keep the lens clear.

The problem with so many full face respirators is they fog up once you start huffing and puffing. In other words, they work great if you're a supervisor. The 3M 6000 Series mask is made for the real world where people actually have work to do when they are wearing a respirator. Cool air being drawn into the lungs is first directed over the lens, while warm air being expelled goes directly out the valve. End result, you can see while you're working.

Another great item you can get without having to sprint through a mega-store are the MicroFlex High Risk Disposable Gloves. These powder-free latex gloves are intended for high risk situations and are the preferred gloves for emergency medical service providers. But they are also excellent for epoxy work and other temporary work with solvents where you may also have some risk of cuts or tears. One of the reasons these gloves are a bit more expensive than the standard rubber gloves is they offer greater thickness for greater protection. With great thickness comes great responsibility. These gloves average 16 mils at the fingertips and provide protection over 5 times the ASTM standard. Their extended length is 11 in. (295 mm.) and they have a beaded cuff for greater protection over the wrist and arm.

Another great item you can get at our Black Friday Clearance sale without having to deprive any minimum wage employees time with their families is the 3M FT-10 Saccharin Respirator Fit Test Kit. The FT-10 Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus comes with a laminated instruction booklet, a sweet-smelling saccharin sensitivity solution (FT-11), another saccharin fit test solution (FT-12) - to be perfectly honest I'm not sure what the difference between FT-11 and FT-12 is, but you get both, two nebulizers (FT-13) to spray the solution, one fairly ridiculous looking, but fully functional hood (FT-14), one collar assembly (FT-15), and two sets of replacement nebulizer inserts. The kit comes in a cardboard carrying case with complete instructions for administering the fit tests. Fit tests are not only the only real way to know if your respirator is fitting properly, it's a requirement for any business whose employees need to wear respirators to do their jobs. Little known fact, but it's definitely true.

If you have questions about our Black Friday Clearance items, please feel free to call 800-829-9580. We'll be here at our regular time on Friday. Luckily for you guys, our web address is always open. Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping.

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Nov 26th 2015 Justin McCarter

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