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Jul 31st 2013

How to Make Your Tyvek Suit Even Safer

Tyvek suits from DuPont provide an amazing degree of protection from the elements of your work site. Here are some tips to make them work even better for you. Whether you're using your Tyvek suits for basic clean-up trying to keep the dirt and other non-hazardous materials such as oil, paint, and sewage away from your clothes and skin, or you have some really serious particulate matter about … read more
May 23rd 2013

CDC Provides Safety Equipment List for Tornado Clean-Up Crews

Tornadoes like the ones that ripped through Oklahoma this week leave clean-up crews with thousands of tons of building materials strewn across the landscape and the potential for respiratory and other health problems later on if they are not careful. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning rescue and clean-up crews to stay away from buildings or structure … read more