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Oct 15th 2012

What is the Best Safety Work Clothing for Wind, Rain, and Snow?

It is raining across the majority of the contiguous United States. That means in almost every state in this great nation men and women are hunting around their office, storerooms, sheds, and behind the back seats of their trucks to find their rain gear. And guess what? It's just going to get colder. It's time to figure out your weather and warmth gear for the coming seasons. Don't … read more
Nov 28th 2011

10% Off of All Rain Gear

Rain gear is essential, but it can be a pain. It tears, is hard to put on, or just plain doesn’t work. I remember one awful fishing trip when my rain gear froze stiff as a board! Another time, I put my boot right through the pant leg! Rain or wet conditions are a necessary evil of a lot of jobs, but poor quality rain gear no longer has to be a part of the problem. The way to tell g … read more