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I-Force / I-Force Slim by Pyramex Safety Products
Apr 18th 2016

I-Force / I-Force Slim by Pyramex Safety Products

By Marketing at Pyramex When you ask for it, Pyramex Safety Products delivers. We took feedback from users who work in the harshest conditions and paired it with cutting edge anti-fog technology to create I-Force safety eyewear. The I-Force has a light-weight dual pane lens system. The outer polycarbonate lens protects against the environment while the inner acetate lens is designed to … read more
Aug 20th 2012

Burning Man Goggles: What are the Best dust Goggles for Burning Man?

Last year wind blew the fine Playa dust everywhere. Goggles that keep dust out, but still allow airflow to keep them from fogging are the overall best option. This category of eye protection is called Sealed eyewear and is relatively new category in the eye safety pantheon. It generally refers to a style of hybrid glasses/goggles. They often have foam around the lenses to create a better fac … read more