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Apr 2nd 2014

Inspection and Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment like hard hats and harnesses aren't made to last forever. So much of this equipment has elastomeric or plastic parts that are particularly susceptible to deterioration over time. Abrasion can weaken stitching, nylon straps can be snagged and torn - even metal pieces corrode. Typically it's recommended by manufacturers that reusable PPE be replaced every 2-5 year … read more
Dec 14th 2011

How an SRL Works

A self-retracting lifeline can be called many different things – a yo-yo, a personal fall limiter, a seat belt, a block, or an SRL. Whatever you call it, (we like SRL) they all have similar mechanics that are part of a safety system for stopping a worker from experiencing a long fall. In this post, we will tell you how an SRL works and a little about the components that make up this life-sav … read more