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Real-Time Gas Detection That Delivers Ultimate Safety
Mar 15th 2018

Real-Time Gas Detection That Delivers Ultimate Safety

Deciding which type of gas monitor is right for you depends on what you need it to specifically detect. For use in confined spaces there is an excellent new portable gas detector that can detect combustibles (LEL), oxygen, and toxics. It’s the ALTAIR 4XR, a new multi-gas monitor designed and engineered by MSA for detection of LEL, O2, H2S, CO, with multiple toxic gas sensing options availabl … read more
Jan 14th 2015

Gas Detector Bump Test: Bump Testing and Calibration of your Gas Monitors

Gas monitors need regular calibration and bump testing if you want to be sure they are working properly. Like a guitar, monitors can drift out of tune. You've got a couple of choices to get it working properly. And as everyone who owns a gas monitor knows - whether it's a multi-gas monitor like the GasAlert Micro Clip XT, or a single-gas monitor like the Gas Clip Technologies H2S Monitor -&n … read more