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Jan 9th 2015

Pieces of the Confined Space Entry Puzzle

Nearly every type of industrial site has confined spaces - manholes with plumbing, or sheds that house pumps or generators.  These are areas where the atmosphere may become toxic or oxygen-depleted and unsafe for entry.  If you or your crew don't do much work in these areas you may not be aware of the dangers or the regulations surrounding them. Here are a few things … read more
Nov 11th 2013

The Best Fall Protection for Roofers

While roof work in many parts of the country is slowing down or confined to winter repair projects, in California there are still roofing projects in full swing. Because I work for a safety company I can't help but look to see what safety equipment (if any) they're using when the work is happening in my neighborhood. So far, even since the OSHA rule changes earlier this year, only about half of … read more
Jun 12th 2013

OSHA Compliance for Residential Roofing and Construction

OSHA changed the rules for residential construction workers on March 15th, 2013. No longer will they be issuing reduced fines, helpful hints, and consultations on compliance with the fall protection regulations. They are in full-enforcement mode, and you should be in full-compliance mode if you want to avoid serious penalties. Unless you are able to plausibly demonstrate why conven … read more
Aug 29th 2012

Residential Roofers Have Affordable Horizontal Lifeline Option

Residential roofers are scrambling to find an affordable roof safety system that keeps them compliant and lets them get on with their work. Horizontal systems are a great choice because once in place, they allow a greater area to be covered in safety. The problem with using a single fixed point roof anchor is the danger of swing falls. Once a worker moves away from the vertical … read more