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Apr 2nd 2014

Inspection and Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment like hard hats and harnesses aren't made to last forever. So much of this equipment has elastomeric or plastic parts that are particularly susceptible to deterioration over time. Abrasion can weaken stitching, nylon straps can be snagged and torn - even metal pieces corrode. Typically it's recommended by manufacturers that reusable PPE be replaced every 2-5 year … read more
Jul 23rd 2012

Roofers Kit Provides At-Height Safety and Compliance

September 15th, 2012 is the date compliance with 29 federal OSHA regulations for residential builders will be required. Under 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13) any roofer or residential builder working in an area 6 ft. or more above lower levels must be protected by conventional fall protection. In the past, roofers were allowed to work under the 25 ft. ground to eave threshold. No longer. Th … read more