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How To Protect Your Workers From Hypothermia
Aug 31st 2016

How To Protect Your Workers From Hypothermia

By Samantha Hoch, Marketing Specialist, Haws EMERGENCY RESPONSE BEST PRACTICES :: PROTECTION AGAINST HYPOTHERMIA Low ambient temperature and wind chill may simply be part of the job in cold climates, but they can have a lethal effect on exposed skin – particularly when combined with hazardous conditions where safety showers are required. This problematic combination creates a scenario for an … read more
Apr 3rd 2015

Dangers of a Cold Confined Space

Just as heat in confined spaces can cause added danger to entrants, so too can cold temperatures. Here are a list of procedures to follow to avoid cold-related injury while working in a confined space: Increase the temperature by heating the atmosphere within your confined space. If you decide to heat the environment, be sure it is safe to do so. You don't want to introduce a new ignition … read more