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Workplace Hearing Protection: What to Wear in Your Work Environment
Oct 24th 2018

Workplace Hearing Protection: What to Wear in Your Work Environment

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. As many as 40 million adults under the age of 70 may have some form of hearing loss in one or both of their ears as a result of noise, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Hearing loss can affect anyone instantly or over time, and while it can’t be fixed, it’s preventable. It’s a great time to drop by … read more
Preventing Hearing Loss at Your Workplace
Feb 20th 2018

Preventing Hearing Loss at Your Workplace

Industrial environments with high noise levels, like construction sites, can potentially damage workers’ hearing. Sound level meters that are used for acoustic measuring indicate noise levels in a workplace, and let workers know when it’s time to put on their PPE. According to OSHA, if noise level exceeds 85dB, they must put on personal hearing protection equipment to prevent hearing loss. … read more
How to Prevent Hearing Loss
Oct 3rd 2017

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Noise is one of the most common occupational hazards in many workplaces. This is especially true in industrial settings, where there is often constant background noise that increases the danger of permanent hearing loss for workers. Most people think that you can permanently damage your hearing only when exposed to an extremely high level of noise, such as an explosion. Hearing damage can also … read more
The Best Earmuffs for Hearing Protection
Aug 23rd 2016

The Best Earmuffs for Hearing Protection

Every year millions of people in the US are exposed to hazardous occupational noise. The law requires employers provide their employees with a safe workplace. When the workers’ noise exposure exceeds an 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 decibels on the A scale (dBA), the employer must develop and implement a hearing conservation program, which includes noise level monitoring, annual heari … read more
Sound Meters 101
Mar 2nd 2016

Sound Meters 101

Measuring noise levels and employees' noise exposure is an important part of a workplace noise control and hearing conservation program. A wide range of professional instruments can be used to measure noise levels. We carry a complete line of sound measuring devices: noise indicators, sound examiners, sound level meters, outdoor measuring systems. A noise indicator shows if the noise level is a … read more
How to Reduce Noise Pollution at Work
Feb 19th 2016

How to Reduce Noise Pollution at Work

Average adults spend over 10.3 years (90,000 hours) at work in their lifetime. People's ears have different levels of sensitivity to loud sounds, especially at certain frequencies. Noise is one of the most common occupational hazards in workplaces: it causes hearing loss, creates stress, and contributes to work-related accidents. In industrial settings, where there is a constant background n … read more
A Sound Investment In Hearing Protection
Aug 24th 2015

A Sound Investment In Hearing Protection

Every year, approximately 30 million people in the United States are occupationally exposed to hazardous levels of noise according to OSHA. Since 2004, the Bureau of Labour Statistics has reported nearly 125,000 workers have suffered significant, permanent hearing loss. Surgery and hearing aids can only help with hearing loss, not correct it. OSHA's permissible exposure limit (PEL) is 90 … read more
Jun 4th 2014

The Best Hearing Protection Depends On What You're Blocking

Hearing protection is a necessity for many of our customers, and for a variety of reasons. Some of the folks shopping at PK Safety are looking to drown out the sound of a snoring spouse, others need protection from industrial manufacturing equipment or other heavy machinery; still others are hunters looking for protection from gunshot noise. The common thread among all of them is they want p … read more
Moldex Battleplugs are the Ideal Earplugs for Shooters
Mar 10th 2014

Moldex Battleplugs are the Ideal Earplugs for Shooters

The Moldex Battleplugs are a new type of reusable earplug. These patented, baffled hearing protection devices have two modes which provide completely different noise reduction ratings. A small hinge on the outside part of the earplug allows a cap to be either open or closed depending on the expected noise level. If the caps are closed, the Battleplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR … read more
Jul 3rd 2013

Protect Your Hearing this Summer with Pura-Fit 6800 Earplugs

Work sites are often noisy places. If you're looking for high-quality disposable hearing protection, you can be sure your team will be satisfied with the Pura-Fit 6800 Earplugs from Moldex. But there are other events this summer that may also require hearing protection, and they're probably more fun than work. If you have never been to car races, for instance, I can tell you, it's one place … read more
Feb 13th 2013

Airport Worker Safety Equipment

Airports have many hazardous work environments that require both vigilance and the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). Workers at both busy metropolitan airports and smaller, private fields need to abide by the safety protocols in place, but should also look to their own safety by making sure the equipment they are given is in good repair. It may be wise for them to consider buying the … read more
Dec 3rd 2012

What are the Best Ways to Protect Your Ears While Working?

Your ears are pretty incredible if you consider what they can do. They can hear a wide range of noises from a cricket in the field to the roar of a jet engine. But they do have their limits, and even short exposure to very loud sounds will permanently damage the nerves of the inner ear. In the working world jackhammers are a great example of a really useful tool that can quickly da … read more