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Jun 18th 2014

BW Honeywell Parts and Accessories - All Of Them

We've always carried a great selection of gas monitors from BW Honeywell. And we've always had the important related items like the MicroDock II Docking Stations. We've even had loads of sensors and accessories. But now we have all of them. That's right. Everything. The whole gas-detecting enchilada. Everything you've ever wanted from BW Honeywell pertaining to the monitors we s … read more
Jan 6th 2014

Warranty and Non-Warranty Repair for BW Honeywell Gas Monitors

As a full-service, factory-authorized BW Honeywell Gas Monitor Service Center, PK Safety can take care of any warranty service your BW gas detector requires. Repairs under warranty are free to the customer and the PK Safety BW Service Center meets all relevant 9001:2008 ISO quality standards. Multiple Level 2 technicians are on staff to quickly take care of even large numbers of monitors qui … read more
Jul 24th 2013

Gas Monitor Repair and Warranty Information

Gas monitors are made to be used on some of the toughest job sites in the world. Industrial chemical and gas facilities are made for production, not comfort, and the safety of the workers depends on gas monitors doing their job day in and day out. Because so much is riding on the accuracy of these gas detection devices, regular calibration and testing is necessary. When sensors wear out o … read more