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PK Safety's Top 5 Paired Safety Products for Cinco De Mayo 2017
May 2nd 2017

PK Safety's Top 5 Paired Safety Products for Cinco De Mayo 2017

Let the Cinco de Mayo festivities begin early! Find your sombreros, grab some amigos, and shop our top 5 must-have safety products, perfectly paired for your easy everyday protection. Pair 1: Gas Detector + Docking Station The BW Clip4 Four Gas Detector provides portable, easy-to-use multi?gas detection that’s always on. It detects Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Carbon mo … read more
Jun 26th 2015

Don't Use Expired Calibration Gas to Test Monitors

Gas produced and put into bottles for bump testing and calibrating gas monitors has a finite shelf life, and paying attention to that expiration date might save your life. Using expired gas can lead to incorrect calibration of your gas monitor. Gas concentrations have been known to drop over time. Reactive gases such as hydrogen sulfide react with the material of the cylinder container … read more
Nov 7th 2014

What Is Hydrogen Sulfide?

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a deadly gas common at many industrial work sites. It must be handled carefully because its toxicity is similar to cyanide, and even slight exposure comes with a host of health concerns. Where does it come from? H2S has few industrial applications on its own, but can be used to harvest sulfur, one of the most useful and versatile elements in the indu … read more
May 19th 2014

Which Gas Cylinder Regulator Do I Need For My Gas Monitor?

All gas monitors need to be bump tested, even if they don't require calibration. (Yes, that goes for you guys with single gas disposable monitors too.) To test your monitor you're going to need both calibration gas and a regulator. Your calibration gas mixture will be determined by the type of sensors in your gas monitor. Your regulator will have to fit your bottle of gas. Problem is there a … read more