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Sunscreen First, Then Insect Repellent - Not an All-In-One
May 24th 2012

Sunscreen First, Then Insect Repellent - Not an All-In-One

With summer fast approaching, we all know we need sunscreen to protect our skin.  We also know that if we want to keep away those pesky mosquitoes that like to snack on us this time of year and protect against insect-born disease, bug repellent is a great idea, too.  So, wouldn't a sunscreen that includes an insect repellent be perfect?  Actually, no. The Center for Disease … read more
Apr 16th 2012

Bug X 30 - Effective Long-Term Insect Repellent

Bug X 30 with DEET keeps mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas and other pests away without making you feel like you've just rubbed Kerosene on your skin. Bug X follows the new suggestions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to reduce the amount of DEET concentration, while creating a non-greasy towelette application that remains effective for more than seven hours. Effective … read more