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Nov 3rd 2014

How To Clean Your Respirator

Yes, people do actually clean their respirators. And it's a good idea for you to do it too. Not only can some bad microbial monsters take up residence in an unclean respirator, but clogged air intake and exhalation valves may cause your respirator to stop functioning as it should. There are a range of respirators available, some full-face, some half-face, but they all share c … read more
Jul 20th 2014

Supplied Ambient Air Systems for Auto Painters

Several painters have contacted us lately with questions about our airline respirators. Mostly these guys are painting cars, car parts, or completing repairs. They want to know about contaminants in the air, if their shop compressor can be used, and how many guys can work on the different compressors. The answers in order are: Yes. Sometimes. It depends. We've talked about the d … read more