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Jan 20th 2014

Can My PID Monitor Distinguish Between Multiple VOCs?

Even for people who are quite familiar with gas detection in industrial or confined space settings, there are some finer points where more explanation is necessary. A customer recently wrote with a question about his PID monitor. He wanted to know if his MultiRAE PID monitor which was set to measure Turpentine would pick up a multitude of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or if it would only … read more
Nov 30th 2010

How Long Does My 3M 2091 Filter Last?

When using a 3M 2091 Particulate Filter in the field, it is important to change it frequently enough to ensure that you are still getting the necessary protection. I receive many questions asking about the lifetime of these filters. Here is one of the more recent questions: I know it depends on usage and environment, but are the 2091 particulate filters designed to be used and then sto … read more