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Sep 20th 2010

6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge

I recently had a customer ask me about what organic vapor cartridges would be appropriate for his job. Let's explore the options. I have a 1/2 mask 3M 7500 respirator and am looking for organic vapor cartridges. My immediate uses are for dealing with organic solvents and various VOC's such as MEK (acetone), toluene, and gasoline. I am also a licensed commercial pesticide applicator … read more
Mar 4th 2009

E6000 Glue Respirator Question

We get questions from users about the use of safety equipment in real world situations all the time. One of the things I’d like to do from time to time is share some of the answers for those of you in similar circumstances. Also, please note that we encourage this type of inquiry. Just so you know, names or details about you will never be used in a blog post. Here is the question… I would … read more