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Jan 2nd 2015

Have a Confined Space Rescue Plan - Most Folks Don't

Just after you have ordered your fall protection equipment (hopefully from is the perfect time to update your rescue plan.   What?  You don’t have a rescue plan?  Well, you are not alone.  Many conscientious companies provide equipment and training for the PPE issued on site, but fail to see the scenarios through.  What happens to your worke … read more
Stay Warm and Dry with the Proper Work Clothes this Winter
Dec 17th 2012

Stay Warm and Dry with the Proper Work Clothes this Winter

Most outdoor jobs out there, with the possible exception of painting, are going to happen this winter, rain or shine. We saw these guys down the street tearing down some old buildings and thought they looked pretty well equipped. If you're working on a site with heavy equipment, trucks, and other vehicles this winter you need to have highly visible clothing that is also waterproof. Two … read more
Aug 24th 2011

Fall Protection Rescue Plan: After the Fall

There is one area of the fall-arrest procedure that is lacking in many companies. It’s not the part where a worker is saved from a deadly fall; there are many products now that protect workers at heights. It is the part after the fall: The time when you would hope to witness a well-organized rescue plan while a worker hangs suspended, held aloft by a thin nylon strap or steel wire. Even … read more