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Oct 9th 2015

Five Reasons To Love the BW Quattro Gas Monitor

Ideal for real-time monitoring of hazardous gases in confined space work, BW Honeywell's GasAlert Quattro is a four-gas monitor that's easy to love. It's not apparent at first, but our five reasons will have you falling head over heels. Full-sized Sensors Generally speaking, full-size sensors last longer than their smaller counterparts. While the Quattro won't win prizes f … read more
Aug 1st 2011

Comparing Confined Space 4-Gas Monitors

When considering work in confined spaces or around dangerous gases, it is important to have gas detectors present so that dangerous levels of gases can be detected. This helps you make informed decisions about whether to start work, and in the event of a problem, providing time for workers to get to safety. With so many choices in gas detection, it may be difficult to choose the right unit for … read more