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Dec 5th 2014

How to Measure Confined Space Gases

Gas measurement is without a doubt the most important part of confined space safety. Do it right, and you and your crew go home at the end of the day—do it wrong, and you might never go home again! So if you're a newbie (or even a little rusty), you've got to do your homework. Here's the first lesson: get the right tools! If you already have a gas monitor, take it out and look at it. Wit … read more
Nov 21st 2014

A Hydrogen Sulfide Horror Story

Confined spaces can be very spooky places. With inhabitants like molds, creepy crawlies and deadly gases, it's easy to see why: they're among the harshest places on the planet. A rural Maine community experienced this firsthand when Winfield Studley and Richard Kemp, two workers with Stevens Electric and Pump Services, suddenly went missing on the job. The two had spent the morni … read more
Nov 7th 2011

BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme H2S Monitor

When you're only worried about hydrogen sulfide exposure, bulky monitors with multiple filters and functions just get in the way. That's why experienced workers depend on BW Clip Extreme H2S Monitor every single day: it keeps things simple. Indeed, it's hard to find a simpler H2S detector. You turn the Gas Alert on once, and it stays on for the for the entire span of its two … read more